Simplified Express Fitting Service

The Fine Print.

  • A fixed fee of £25.00 (Including VAT) is charged for the ItsTek Fitting Service.
  • A full inspection of the device will be carried out by an engineer prior to carrying out any work.
  • The engineer reserves the right to reject any device at their discretion. In the unlikely event of this, the device shall be returned to the customer and any fees paid and products purchased on that order shall be refunded. A £9.00 return shipping fee will apply.
  • If the engineer detects a further fault upon inspecting your device, you will be contacted immediately and provided a quote for any additional work required. We will not proceed with any additional work without contacting you first to get your confirmation via email or telephone.
  • If the device is identified as stolen,  blacklisted, or tampered with in any way, we will not offer you a repair/fitting service. A £9.00 return shipping fee will apply.
  • We pride ourselves on protecting and keeping your mobile data safe and secure. If, however, any data loss occurs as a result of the work, ItsTek will not be liable for any lost or corrupt data. Therefore, we always strongly advise that you backup all personal data before sending us your device.